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Keiser Nursing

Hi everyone :) I am a Medical Assistant in Fort Lauderdale and am interested in attending Keiser for Nursing. Can anyone tell me how long the program is and what the schedule is like? It would be for the Fort Lauderdale location. I already have 5 of the pre reqs. Thank you in advance!! Also, has anyone had all their fees paid by financial aid/loans or is it so high that you have to finance the remainder? I don't want to pay $200 to register for them to tell me i have to pay $500/ month to go to school. THANKS!!

I know several people who have gone to Keiser so I can give you a little insight. The program is 16 months...they are a private school so they work on their own schedule. Only break is a small winter break if I'm not mistaken. It's Monday thru Friday 8-4 for class and lectures. Not sure about clinical time. Financial aid CAN cover the cost of the program, but that all depends on your need. And by financial aid I mean grants and a federal loan. But there, of course, is always private loans too. One of our secretaries just graduated in May and passed her boards 2 weeks ago. (YAY!!) She liked the program at Keiser, and is now off to become an RN. One of the girls who attended Keiser had to start paying back her loan while in school...don't know why. But if you are interested in the school then go and talk to an advisor there so you can get a better idea of if their program is right for you. Also, check their NCLEX pass rates. The girls who have gone to Keiser like to remind me that their rates at that campus are higher than one of the programs I am applying for;) Good luck in your decision!


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I am a Keiser Grad - passed my nclex in 75q on the first try 3 weeks after graduating this April. I had a job lined up even before I graduated or took my nclex. I had a great experience at the school. Much different from the big university I did my first degree at in the fact that the class sizes were small (a class of 13 to be exact) and the teachers knew you very well.

That all being said, I had reservations at first but I think that's because I hate the sales office portion of the school. It's almost like, if you get past that nonsense it's a great place!


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