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Just wanted to see if there are current nursing students that are attending Keiser and wanted to see what the class schedule was like. I'm assuming Monday through Friday but what are the hours generally?

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Better yet. Since I'm assuming you're using expensive Depatment of Education Title IV loans, if you take the prerequisite courses at the local community college you'll be saving yourself tens of thousands of dollars.

It may not matter to you now, but when you graduate and see what the cost of these loans plus interest are, you will faint.

Nurses these days are obliged to get their credentials as cheaply as possible. At around $23, 400+ per year (, your paying top dollar at Keiser.

Community colleges charge a fraction of this amount and are very often taught by the same instuctors who teach at Keiser.

After you get the preliminaries down, then you could transfer to Keiser. But I still believe they are expensive compared to WGU or some others that charge considerably less.

Remember working as a nurse is a living wage job not a ticket to Rolex watches, Gucci bags and easy street U.S.A.

I am enrolled at Keiser currently. Yes it is VERY expensive however, the NCLEX 1st time pass rate is higher than the 2 local colleges here. Classes for 1st Semester (16weeks) are as follows:

Monday: 8am-1pm Fundamentals

TUESDAY 8am -1pm Fundamental & 2p -5p Pharmacology

WEDNESDAY 1st 5 weeks same as Monday

Starting week 6- 6am-1pm Clinical

Thursday-1st 5 weeks 8am -1pm & 6wks on 6am Clinicals & 2p -5p Pharmacology

Friday- 9am-1pm on campus study review

I'm very very happy with the level of education. Tests are excruciating & several people have family/ friends that took at tree local college and didn't have the same level of intensity.

Best of Luck!!