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Keep your fingers crossed for me

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Hi. My name is Erika and I'm new to the forum. I recently applied to a state nursing school to become an Lpn. My test scores were pretty high and I think that I did well on my interview but I'm still on pins and needles wondering if I'm going to get accepted. There were over 200 applicants already and there are still two more test dates, the school only accepts 30-35 people. The school doesn't send out acceptance letters until Thanksgiving time so you probably can guess that I'm driving myself crazy. I have always wanted to be a nurse from as far back as I can remember and I'm so ready for this opportunity. I will be quitting my full time decent paying job as a Fiscal Specialist to finally fufill my dream of becoming a nurse. If I don't get accepted into the state program, I am willing to take out a loan so that I can go to a private school that costs $28,000 compared to the $5,200 for the state school, this is how bad I want this. Both programs start in January so either way I'll be on my way. :wavey:

Is anyone else in the same situation or have had similar situations? What advice can you give me?

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Hi erika,welcome to the forum.Know the anxiety you feel have been there.Just hang in there and let me know if you've been accepted.Best of luck.

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