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I just moved back to the floor after 6 years in the OR. So far loving it. The thing that is bugging the tar out of me is that no one uses the kardex. So it seems to me a lot of wasted time telling things in report that should be on the kardex. Also seems like a good way to miss stuff.

Their excuss is that no one fills them out. When I worked on the floor before updating the kardex was part of noting your orders. Whoever did the orders (unit clerk or nurse) filled out the kardex. When the nurse noted the orders you checked to make sure everything was written on the kardex as well as MAR, computer, etc.....

Is this a new thing??? Is it unreasonable for me to want the kardex to be used? BTW, we put them on every chart with a sticker, then put them in the shredder box at dc. Waste of money and trees....


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I think it is very important for the cardex to be used. It's a good way to CYA too if a nurse says you didn't say something because you can just point to the cardex. Plus, some things do get forgotten and it's a good safeguard to know you've written it down for them just in case.