Kaplan Test Prep, NCLEX, PVT 2019


I wanted to share my experience with taking the NLCEX, even if it only eases the anxiety of one person! I searched this site endlessly while studying for my exam in hopes that I would stumble upon scores similar to mine on Kaplan to see if I was ready for NCLEX. After graduation (6/15/19), I took one week off and went on vacation. I didn't receive my ATT until the first week of July. That is when I really started studying. I had the saunders book but I quickly found out that I didn't really want to read the whole thing in 2 1/2 weeks. So, I just used Kaplan. I would do the question trainers and remediate for a few hours. Also, I would try to do a 75 question QB at least once a day and remediate that as well. I will say that I actually did enjoy Kaplan and the rationales for each question. They were easy to understand/remember. In comparison to the NCLEX, I thought the questions on Kaplan were much more complex than the ones on the NLCEX. I had so much anxiety about the NCLEX. I've always been a good student and I've done well on every nursing test BUT something about this test was getting to me! I took the NCLEX today. I'm not to sure of how it went. I got a decent amount of SATA/who do you see first/and the put these items in order type of questions. I got one calculation and only 3-4 pharmacology questions. I felt so confident during the exam until I hit question 75. I was certain it would shut off when I clicked next but it in fact, did not. I ended up getting 88 questions before the computer shut off. It took me about 2 hours to complete. Afterward, I waited until I got the email (about 30 minutes after exam) until I tried the PVT. I changed the expiration date and 3 digit number for my card. I got the pop-up stating " Our records indicate that you recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time" According to everything I've read online, I guess this is the "GOOD" pop-up. Four hours later I tried again and I got the same response. BUT I've also read that the PVT isn't always accurate, so who knows! I'm nervous as heck! I don't know if I'll be able to wait 48 hours to get my results! Overall, I don't think the exam wasn't to terrible. Some people I've talked to said it was the hardest exam they've ever taken. To me, all of the content was stuff that we covered in our ADN program. None of the questions had anything that I hadn't gotten on Kaplan already. It seemed like they were just slightly reworded. I don't think this exam was to terribly hard BUT I still don't know how well I actually did. I'm in WA, most people I've talked to said that their license was active on the DOH website before they've received the 48 hour unofficial results from Pearson, so I will be watching for that as well. I will post again when I get my results.

QT1: 59 QB1 61

QT2: 61 QB2 70

QT3: 48 QB3 59

QT4: 59 QB4 52

QT5: 58 QB5 65

QT6: 59 QB6 53

QT7: 57 QB7 68

NCLEX1: 58 QB8 55

NCLEX2: 70 QB9 56

Who do you see first 60 QB10 65

Alternate format 30 QB 11 69

Readiness 71

*I took the readiness exam 2 weeks before my test date and QT7 2 days before my test date. I would say that the readiness exam was a more accurate representation of the NCLEX. I would take that one 2-3 days before the NCLEX.

Hope this helps!

I passed the NLCEX in 88 questions! I got my results about 46 hours later and the PVT worked for me!