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Just took the 180 question practice test on the 2012-2013 Kaplan Strategies book CD, I scored a 72. Has anyone else used this book and its practice tests? I'm wondering if that scores is good enough to pass the NCLEX-RN.

Test is in three days and freakin' out a bit.

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Mind you I graduated nursing school 10 years ago, but I invested in Kaplan and literally used EVERY resource they offered; live training/testing, CD-ROM's, books, and I even went into the Kaplan center to take their extra practice questions. I know I took well over 1,000 questions after graduation to prep me for NCLEX. I graduated in late December and received my RN license Feb. 14th.

My point is, I took 75 questions for NCLEX and I knew when I walked out of the testing center that the initials, RN, would be behind my name in a matter of days. It gave me confidence and that was worth more than anything!! I would continue to take as many practice questions as you can. Get your level of minimum competency up as high as possible, so whan you do miss a question here or there on the NCLEX it won't drop you below the competency line.

hi. I did the 2010 one and scored 66%. the CD questions were really helpful and the format of the questions were very similar to nclex.

I'm not completely sure exactly how many questions I'll have done by tomorrow (Thursday's my test and I'm not even going to look at anything nursing related Wednesday) but it'll be around 4500 questions. My professors told everyone in class before graduation that 100 questions a day, every single day up until the day before your test would be enough to pass. I've used Kaplan, Exam Cram, NCLEX-RN Made Incredibly Easy and ATI. Between these I think I've done around 13 practice tests, most of my scores ranged between the low 60s to low 80s.

I guess I'm a little paranoid and I feel like I haven't prepped enough, everyone I know is doing review classes or has a tutor, I opted out of that because I needed surgery and quite frankly, I didn't have the money to spare for a review class

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hi there. you've definitely done tons of questions and that's great. i have the Kaplan 2012-2013 CD. i completeted the 180-question diagnostic test and I scored 62% twice (once when I first bought it then a few days before testing i believe...but i didn't review all the rationales, not a great thing). I also used Exam Cram, which is great (though I didn't complete all 5 exam). I completed some of Kaplan questions and the Kaplan strategies book along with LaCharity. And it all worked out because I passed on my first attempt, allllll thanks to God.

I didn't take any review courses. I began studying when I received my ATT which was 2 weeks before testing. It was a tiny bit stressful when I would miss practice questions because I would think I wasn't prepard enough. But it seems you prepared better than I did and completed way more questions than me, which is a plus.

When you test, just relax and have confidence in your answers. Also, when I tested I tried not to dwell too long on 1 question because I would change my first answer and the first answer would be correct (when I practiced sometimes, but then again everyone is different), but still read the question entirely and understand what they are trying to ask you; answer the question - try not to read too much into it. Lastly, don't have your mind set on stopping at 75, because that's what i did and when I got to 76, 77, 78...etc. I began to panic, but I eventually got back in the mode and answered my questions to the best of my ability. But if you stop at 75 and pass, that's awesome! :-).

God Bless, Good Luck & Stay Prayful!

hi. Can I have a copy of your kaplan CD ROM? please. Thank you. :)

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