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Kaplan Scores low Passed NCLEX

by hellonurse26 hellonurse26 (New) New

Hello Everyone! I want to share my personal experience as a new nursing graduate from a BSN program in NJ. I was very nervous preparing to take my Nclex. I decided to take the in person Kaplan program one week after graduation. My scores were fairly low. I became desperate and started navigating on this forum looking for answers in terms of other people's experiences. Well, I am glad to say although my scores were not well above the 65% mark. I was able to pass my Nclex exam the first week of July. I practiced questions and completed assessments everyday. Practicing questions is key to passing the Nclex! I want to share my results so others can be more hopeful and not give up when studying for this exam. Good Luck to everyone who is working towards obtaining licensure in their state!

Graduated: 5/19/2017

BON ATT: 6/14/2017

Nclex: 7/7/2017

Here are my scores:

Diagnostic Test: 62%

Trainer 1: 60

Trainer 2: 57

Trainer 3: 49

Trainer 4: 61

Trainer 5: 59

Trainer 6: 53

Trainer 7: 53

In class: 63

Test 1: 54% Test 2: 38% Test 3: 93% Test 4: 56%

Qbank Avg total: 58%

I did 1,500 questions from Kapan's QBank and 20 Chapters completed from the LaCharity Prioritization and Delegation book