Kaplan scores low- NCLEX in 3 1/2 weeks- HELP


Hi Everyone,

I took some time after school to visit europe so I am taking my NCLEX kinda late. i took Kaplan 3 months ago and started the Q-Bank this week. I'm doing the 3 week study plan and my test is in 3 1/2 weeks and, based on my scores compared to the ones I was getting in early June, are downright pathetic. Should I be concerned if these are my scores?

Diagnostic Exam- 62%

NCLEX Readiness Test- 62%

Q-Bank Trainer 4A- 50%

Q-Bank 1- 55%

Q-Bank 2- 51%

Q-Bank 3- 56%

Q-Bank 4- 51%

I have been watching the videos and concentrating on areas that I'm weak in, but even so, the percentages vary so much from test to test. For example, I could be low in Infection Control one test and high the next, it just doesn't make sense and there is no consistency.

I have the Pearson Review book and have been doing Davis Practice questions using their CD (has 3,000 questions one it!) but I feel so discouraged at this point. I checked yesterday and changing my test date is not an option at this point.

Any suggestions would be appreciated, thanks :)


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Ypu can do it! Study Study And Study. I'm studying too and I read this every time "if you're studying right now, and feel so hopeless about it, DONT GIVE UP. DO NOT think of the possibility of failures, DO NOT let anxiety defeat you. DO NOT, by any means let anything become an excuse to not passing the exam, ALWAYS KNOW THAT YOU HAVE EVERYTHING IT TAKES TO PASS IT, BUT NEVER FORGET THAT IT WILL TAKE EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT" Good Luck! We're going to pass!!