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Kaplan scores & NCLEX


I took the NCLEX last week after having completed 100% of the Qbank questions that Kaplan offered. I also did Qtrainers 5-7 and all of the sample tests. My average score for the Qbank was 61%...this was sooo discouraging to me! But fear not, I was told (after freaking out about my average scores) that this is totally normal!! You're only supposed to get about 50% of the questions right in Kaplan AND the NCLEX.

When I took NCLEX and the computer shut off in 75 questions...I wanted to beg the computer for more questions. I was 100% sure that I failed. I had at least 10-15 select all that apply questions which was absolute torture. I also did not know anything about a single med they asked me about. The only positive thing about the test was that it looked exactly like Kaplan. I felt familiar with the setup of the questions.

2 days later I found out that I passed! It was the greatest feeling in the world.

I do not think that I would have been as prepared had I not taken the Kaplan course. The questions are so similar to the NCLEX that even as I was taking the NCLEX it felt like I was just answering Qbank questions. But I wish that I had not been so discouraged after finishing each set of Qbank questions. I would do 75 at a time and the highest I ever got was 71% but usually I got in the high 50s or low 60s.

My advice is to keep plugging along and answer as many questions as you can. It truly prepares you. I walked into the NCLEX feeling like I literally did all that I could to prepare and that gave me confidence and is probably what ultimately allowed me to pass in 75 questions. Even though I felt like I failed when I left, I knew that I did my best :)

Good luck to everyone taking the NCLEX. Have confidence in your abilities and you'll do great!