kaplan score 50-60ish? Passing?

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Hi ik taking my nclex d 5th of may and I got this scores in kaplan...

Dx 42% took it jan

Qt1 49% january

Qt2 61% took it last wk of jan

Qt3 49% feb

Qt4 49% feb

Qt5 62% took it march

Qt6 64% march

Qt7 havent taken yet

Readiness 64% just tookt It last wk

My qbank is 54% 100%completed

Is der any body hu passed nclex wid dis scores? Im so nervous...


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My Kaplan scores were all mostly in the 50s with some scattered in the 60s, and I passed. One thing I think helped me was using tutor mode with QBank because I found I had more motivation to read the rationales one at a time right after I answered the question and also to know if I got it wrong or not immediately. I feel like that helped me more than timed mode, but I've always been a rapid test taker (for better or worse, lol).

Another thing I did was at the end once I had answered all the QBank questions I took the ones I got wrong over and over again (helped me focus in on stuff I was missing, and worked for pretty much everything except those ******* hotspots, so happy I had zero on the NCLEX).


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Thx for the reps... I honestly dont know how did i score that much on those previews exam (qt5,6 and readiness) when i was taking it i really had a hard time it feels like its squeezing brain dats y i was shocked wen i see d result... because there are lot of things that i already forgot that i just reviewd and i dont know how did i end up getting those scores I just dont feel confident...: o (


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I did! About rivsemaj109 just found out this morning and my scores are as wild as yours:up:


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I did! About rivsemaj109 just found out this morning and my scores are as wild as yours:up:

Congratulations!!!! Im so happy for you! I just hope that ill make it too... I still have a month to prepare for it!!! You did 265 items right? Wast the exam as hard as kaplan?


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Thank you! for me it was harder than kaplan, but maybe not, I am probably panicking so I thought it was harder, just keep doing what you're doing and do the PDA book if you can. And you'll do fine! Good luck! and believe in your self.

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