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I am taking the NCLEX next week and I am really scared. I recently took my QT 6 and got 59%. Recommended is 60%. Rest of scores were QT 1 =60 ; QT2 =55 ; QT3= 58; QT4= 63 QT5= 54 ; Readiness = 62%.

Any of you have any recommendations? Should I reschedule my test?


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I had a friend that got like 57 on the readiness test and he passed NCLEX with 116 questions. I believe if you get over 60 they say definitely go for it. And between 55 to 60 they say that you will probably pass.

Remember - The readiness exam by Kaplan tells you what your odds are of passing the NCLEX if you were to take it that day! The reason for the exam is to see where your weaknesses are and to make yourself Qbank question tests to practice those areas!

Just keep reading through the rationales and taking those practice questions. Good luck!

I am more than pooped from doing questions. I did QT 6 today and scored 59%. Recommended was 60%. 1% off from recommended but I am still scared. Thank you amy9999 I am really hoping I pass on my first try!

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