Kaplan Qbanks/HESI/And diagnostic score help!


So we took our HESI two weeks ago and first try I received a 979 and I didn't study for it. Now, we have the Kaplan Diagnostic on Thursday and I'm getting nervous because all of my integrated average from a 55-75 with a couple random higher but mostly high 50s and low 60s and we need a 65 to pass the diagnostic.

I also have have been doing Q Banks (only 2 so far--I'm way behind) but received a 56 and 57 on them. I am so nervous that this means I am going to fail the diagnostic with less than a 65! But I did so well on the HESI I'm just a little thrown....

Any my advice or experience anyone has had/is having with this I would appreciate. I read that if you get above a 900 first try on the HESI you have a 99.1% chance of passing NCLEX first try. I'm nervous why my Kaplans are lower, then??


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From my experience, the exit HESI is just content with little application. It tests what you know, so you know your content based on your scores. Kaplan, on the other hand, is higher level questions involving application and analysis of content. SO not only do you have to know what the question is asking, you must critically think to get the correct answer. With Kaplan, the more practice questions you do, the better you'll get at them! I would suggest you start hitting your Qbank a little harder because those type of questions are on the diagnostic exam. Make sure you read rationales!! Don't do 250 questions at a time because it will take you hours to go through all the rationales. I would do small segments like 50 in the morning and 50 in the evening if you have time. Take notes on questions you miss and look up what you don't know! Kaplan questions are said to be harder than actual NCLEX questions, but I don't know personally. You'll do great! Just make sure you're learning from the questions you miss. Best of luck!!