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I passed my NCLEX with 85 questions and although I used different resources for the NCLEX my main study tool was the Kaplan Qbank. I did not purchase the Qtrainers though just the bank. I started out doing two 20 question tests a day building up to two 50 questions per day to two 75 questions a day up until the day before my exam.

I know there is a lot of stress out there about the scores that you get on the Qbank and I am here to tell you that the scores do not matter. What matters is that you review rationale and really understand why you got a question right or wrong. Please don't stress about the scores at all!! I did all the questions in the Qbank and got an overall average of 65%. I have a friend who passed the NCLEX with 75 questions who scored in the 50-60% range for all the Qbank tests completed.

Here's some details on the Qbank:

I believe I payed $50 for the Qbank or $60 can't remember, but it was definitely not more than $70. I purchased the 1 month one and got a plethora of questions. You can choose the amount of questions you get and always take a test in test mode not the other mode... I think it's called practice or tutor mode, but I'm not sure. Practice/ tutor mode will show you the answer right after you answer the question and that's not how the NCLEX is. So, use the timed mode and look over rationale after. I ended up doing two 75 question tests every day for the last 2 weeks. After every test I reviewed rationale for all the questions... even the ones I got right! You'll see a pattern form on how to solve certain questions/ work through them while looking at rationales. I noticed that even for the questions I got right I wasn't thinking NCLEX style, but Kaplan would teach me how to think the NCLEX way. I then went through and did all the questions I got wrong and reviewed rationale.

***I cannot stress enough to not get caught up on the scores at all. Again, my practice test scores ranged from 50-85%. So, even though you'll read somewhere that Kaplan wants you to get above 60% on your tests don't get discouraged if you are below that because Kaplan questions are UPPER level questions. As long as you are getting about 1/2 of them right you are on the right track. Also, if you understand the rationale you are on the right track as well!!!! Remember these are upper level questions... Kaplan is difficult! Also, do the 4 sample test the Qbank has and don't stress out about #4 it's SATA, drag and drop, and med calc and is the most difficult. I got a 32% on that one and I thought I was doomed for the NCLEX because I couldn't do SATA or drag and drop, but I ended up passing in 85 questions!! Just go over rationale!

I feel the best way to study is with Kaplan though because it readies you for the upper level questions and if you are getting them right you are staying above the passing line. My NCLEX was very much like the Kaplan tests I took. I wish you all the best luck!


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Would you say Kaplan is good review for NCLEX_PN?


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Would you say Kaplan is good for NCLEX-PN as well?


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I know that Kaplan has a good reputation and study plan for both the NCLEX RN and PN, but I cannot say for sure because I only took the NCLEX RN. Although there is crossover between material essentially the two require different knowledge bases. Sorry I could not be more helpful!