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KAPLAN Q bank for NCLEX, how can have access again?

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I reviewed at Kaplan here in the Philippines, but my review expired already and so has my access to the online QBANK questions for NCLEX. How do I gain access to the QBANK again without enrolling for the whole course which costs 17,000 pesos? Can I just pay online for the Kaplan QBANK?

If you fail, call kaplan I think they will give more time

I failed and they gave me 3 months for free .. Kaplan .

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Thanks for replying guys, but I still haven't taken my exam yet so I didnt pass or fail. Its just that the 3 month q bank access they gave me already expired and I still want to gain access to it. Is there a way for me to just pay only for access to the NCLEX Q Bank content and not pay for the whole course again? Please help guys =(


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Just call them and request more time. Let them know that you are still studying.

I called them and emailed them as well and all I got was the same answer. PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ENROLL FOR THE FULL COURSE AGAIN. I am so ****** right now. Im willing to pay to gain access for the Q bank again, but I dont have enough money to enroll for the whole course again I mean come on, all I want is the q bank questions thats it.


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Yeah, That's messed up! I got the impression that they were more flexible than that! I have a Kaplan rep that frequents my school...who mentioned if we needed more time to just call and request it...I guess it depends on the circumstances and how long you have had access...but I'm just guessing. Best Wishes. I'm sure this will work itself out and you'll pass the NCLEX no problem :)