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Has anyone done the Kaplan College (mail) program for Legal Nurse Consulting? If so, how was it? I'm considering it. I got the brochure, but I'd like to hear from someone honestly how it is.

Is anyone out there a LNC?

Would you recommend it?

How much does it pay?

Is it easy to get a job? eek.gif

Please help.



Kaplan College is supposedly a good program. Be careful as to what you sign. I signed a paper that agreed to get my books early and (Unknowingly)waived my right to get any of my deposit back. The course takes 3,000 dollars. The deposit itself is 550. I had decided that I hadn't the time to complete the course, but now I have changed my mind seeing that I will lose that money otherwise. Another thing that they don't tell you is that you have to have a four year degree in order to be certified as an LNC. You can still get your legal nurse consulting certificate. I don't know how that really affects you, but I want to be certified. You have to pay the full 3,000 dollars in a year if you want to have your certificate. That is a lot of money to come up with in a year. Right now I work for a small community hospital and I am going to attempt to see if they are willing to pay some of the tuition in return for a contract? I don't know if that helps, but I can tell you that the program is very through and if you like law, you will like this.


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I have a friend at work who is taking the Kaplan home study course. She has been at it for over a year...it is more of a paralegal course than an LNC course. I just completed the 6 day seminar offered by Vickie Milazzo..it was excellent!! From what I understand it is strictly for nurses who wish to pursue the LNC route...whereas in the Kaplan course you will get a whole lot of stuff you don't necessarily need. I plan to build my own practice and am in the process of doing that now. The money is excellent but you need to be prepared to run a business..and that includes marketing. It is not an easy process but I have talked to many who have done it and it pays off.

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