MidAmerica Nazarene ABSN Fall 2016

  1. I am currently waiting to hear back from MNU on whether or not I was accepted into their Accelerated BSN program starting this Fall (2016). Seeing if anyone else out there has applied to this program?? Anyone know when they send out acceptance letters/emails?
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  3. by   a359w252
    I also applied for the ABSN at MNU for Fall 2016. Someone at admissions there told me they won't even begin reviewing applicants for a couple more weeks because their deadline technically isn't until May. So we probably won't hear anything until April at the earliest I'm assuming. Let me know if you do hear something!!
  4. by   Chels2416
    i applied for the fall start date, as well. This waiting game is terrible! Let me know if any of you hear anything! My app was verified through nursingCAS two weeks ago...
  5. by   freakinrican
    Hi! I applied around March 20th and got my acceptance letter for the Fall 2016 around April 5th. Hope you hear back soon. I was wondering if there would be a Facebook page for all those who will be in the program?
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  6. by   Chels2416
    As for me, I am freaking out now.. I turned in my app the first week in March and NursingCAS verified my app and sent it to the school on March 18th and I have heard nothing back. I emailed the lady who had been helping through this whole process and she said that they start reviewing apps this month and that it could be a couple of months before I hear anything. She also said that I would receive a call, email and letter if I made it in and only an email if I didn't. Uugh seriously I am so jealous of you right now that you heard back so soon! I am dying over here. I am not patient when it comes to these things lol I am a planner. I need to know now! Lol
  7. by   freakinrican
    I may have just gotten lucky with the timing of my application. I was actually surprised to hear back from them so soon, but I wouldnt worry if I were you. They probably have a lot of applications to process. But I understand not being patient. I am right there with you!!
  8. by   Chels2416
    I appreciate that thank you! I am worried because of my TEAS score. I took it back in 2014 before I had taken any college courses and had been out of school for about 6 years. I didn't retake it for this application because you are only allowed to take the test through ATI 3 times and I had already taken it twice in 2014. I didn't want to waste my last attempt just winging it with no proper time to study. My score was a 68 Which is the minimum score for this program. However, I have my LPN, great references, a lot of awards and honors and a 4.0 GPA. I was hoping that those things would override the low TEAS score. Guess we will see :-/
  9. by   anicole285
    Congrats on getting in!! I applied near the end of Feb, and am still waiting to hear back! freakinrican did you get an email/phone call or letter first informing you of your acceptance?
  10. by   freakinrican
    I received a phone call, then an email a few days later, then the letter the following week. Hope that helps!
  11. by   mgrantcolburn
    I applied waaaaay back in January (with a 3.24 GPA, 89 TEAS, several LOR from DNP, MD, RN, etc) and I haven't heard anything.

    Freakinrican, are you an alum of this school?

    I'm having trouble seeing how you could have been accepted already. I have contacted my admissions counselor several times and she informed me that acceptance notifications will not go out until May at the earliest.

    What gives?
  12. by   freakinrican
    I'm not an alum of the school. I'm graduating from college this year with a Biology degree. I don't really want to publish my exact academic information online but I scored well on the TEAS, have a good GPA, and I had great references. There are many other factors beyond academia, such as your personal statement, awards and certificates, experience, work, etc. I'm not sure why I was accepted so soon but I hope all you guys hear back from the school.
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  13. by   anicole285
    Hi all! So I emailed someone yesterday about when I would hear back only bc I have an offer from another school and I mentioned that and just asked for a time line on when I'd hear back! Mnu is my first choice so I would choose them over my other offer! She said they have a meeting next week so I would hear from them sometime next week. I applied back and January also. I would think all of us who applied by the time they started their March reviews would have heard back around the same time. Good luck to everyone!
  14. by   Chels2416
    Thank you so much for this information! Best of luck to you!