looking for information about the LPN/RN program brown mackie ks location

  1. Hi I'm looking for information about the LPN/RN program brown mackie ks location..
    I previously have taken classes at concorde in kcmo an have one term under my belt my classes will transfer already looked into it. I understand the bmc program is 12months LPN & 12 RN months..
    Where are the clinical sites?
    How's the teachers?
    Have you been through the program?
    Anything about the course work?
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    Moved to AN's Kansas Nursing forum.... check out posts here.
  4. by   hgwalter91
    Brown Mackie in general is just a bad school. I suggest you look elsewhere. Very bad reputation at least where I live. (Northern Indiana) State board of nursing even looks down on them.
  5. by   FuturePedsNur16
    Ive seen a good little amount of ppl who hate the school, but I also seen a few men an women who loved it an graduated an are working following graduation. So I'm like 50/50
  6. by   autonomyforall
    Have you looked into Metropolitan Community College? It will cost a lot less than Brown Mackie, maybe even if you have to pay out of state tuition. Kansas City Community College also has a program, I think, but I'm not familiar with them. I would really advise against Brown Mackie, but that's just my opinion.
  7. by   E-commerce
    has anyone had a good experience at this school?