Kckcc student needs advice for rn program

  1. Hi everyone I'm new on the site and would like to ask for your advice.
    I am graduating in December from KCKCC with Honors with an Associate in Pre-Nursing (in order to keep my honors designation I have to graduate before going to another school)
    I am having trouble finding a good RN program in the area that fits well with work, family life, GPA and financial constraints.
    I am getting my CNA through Kansas College of Nursing this summer.
    I cannot go to KCKCC's RN due to living out of county and not having a 4.0 GPA. I've talked to the Director of Nursing, the Nursing Advisor, and other students.
    I'm applying to JCCC in December. (I live in JO) I've talked to representatives there too.
    I've looked online at MCC-Penn Valley, UMKC, KU, and Brown Mackie (which I just today did some research on and found that there are pending lawsuits, fraud accounts, un-accredibility, etc.) and am not sure if I want to pursue a RN there. I have an appointment with them tomorrow.
    Can someone please offer me advice? I feel stuck and stressed out and like I am never going to find a suitable program. I want to follow my dreams and succeed but feel like finances and GPA (mine is a 3.3 as of Spring semester) are preventing me from following my dreams to be a Lactation Consultant. I would love for your personal input, experiences, recommendations and whatever else you feel necessary and pertains to my problem. =)

    Thank you so much in advance for reading my story and helping me out. I really appreciate it.

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  3. by   LauraF, RN
    Why can you not continue at KCKCC? I graduated from there and I did not live in Wyandotte county. We did have to take out student loans which really suck as we are still paying on them. I was very pleased with KCKCC. Our class passed 100% on the NCLEX.
  4. by   rubato
    Do not go to Brown Mackie! You will not get a job at all. My hospital told me they do not hire people from there, period. If someone calls and said they went to school there, the HR secretary tells them no.

    I'm not exactly sure what restrictions you have. I graduated from JCCC this last May and am starting at KU in the spring. I loved JCCC but it was time consuming, as any school will be. There won't be a perfect fit if you are trying to schedule around your family and work. I also don't know if you can get in to JCCC with a 3.3. Some years, people have. But with a really high test score. Other years, they didn't.