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I was just wondering if any of you applied to JCCC Rn program for the fall 2004 semester. If so, have you gotten any information about the interviews? I got a letter a month ago saying that all my... Read More

  1. by   usmc94201
    Keep us posted.
  2. by   usmc94201
    I am number 10 on the waiting list. They intervewed 148 people, all were guarenteed interviews due to course work completed and gpa or beceause they already had a bachelors. I dont think Ill get in but well see.....

    how about you abbey....
  3. by   abby27
    Yeah, I'm not happy at all!! I was so upset when I found out I didn't get in. I am number 50 on the waiting list. I might as well not even be on the waiting list. I even have experience working in a hospital. I think I'm going to try KCK for the spring semester.
    I think you still have a really good chance of getting in. Some people will drop out when they get into other programs. I wouldn't give up. You will probably still get in. Good luck!!

  4. by   usmc94201
    I Am also going to apply at KCK and Penn Valley. I have already talked to KCK they said that they fill up the first 45 spots with Wyandot and levenworth county and the last five spots they take from all other counties (johnson) they said that the highest GPA from out side those counties was a 3.2...........so I am sure my 3.7 will get me in...lol

    Good luck let me know how how it goes...
  5. by   jzprple
    If it's any consolation, KU told me that last year they ended up going past 50 on their wait list. I've heard most schools go pretty far down b/c of the major shift that happens as everyone starts deciding where to go...Good Luck getting in....