Galatia Heart Hosp. or Kansas Heart Hosp.

  1. Howdy All,
    Just wondering if anyone can tell me about either of these hospitals. Looking to move up there sometime this year, after June that is.
    I am interested in of course pay, management style, pt ratio, shifts, etc.
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  3. by   nrsmelissa1
    Kansas Heart is a wonderful place to work. The ratio is 1:2 in the ICU and 1:4 on the telemetry unit. The hospital stands by this policy, too! They will close to admissions if their nurses workloads get to high. The pay is consistant with the area. The management is great - they really care about the employees. We also have the best doctors in town!! As for Galchia I have never worked there, but the reviews I have heard are not the greatest. Good Luck in your job search.
  4. by   Happeetxn
    Thanks NrsMellisa1,
    I appreciate the info. We (my family) are about a year - a year and a half away from moving, but I will keep look into KHH as the time gets closer.
  5. by   Camdfw
    I worked for KHH and the management there is awful and unprofessional! They promote RNs that have no business into supervisor positions. 4:1 ratio on tele is good but it's total care and you are swamped with nursing home style patients. Great nurses there just bad management and management styles. ICU, Intermidate, cath lab and OR might be different but tele gets dumped on daily. I miss cardiac but I don't miss KHH!!