Anyone in the nursing program at Wichita State??? - page 3

I am just curious if anyone here is currently in or has been in the nursing program at WSU. I am still a few semesters away from applying but was wanting to know what to expect as far as waiting... Read More

  1. by   BreatheFree
    I am so sorry that you didn't get in. Why was it too late for you to get your cna? I am getting mine in May but won't be applying for the program for two more semesters. I can't believe that you didn't even get an interview with a 3.8. That scares me. Good luck with Butler. You have a good TEAS score so I bet you have a good shot at getting in.
  2. by   Prettyc
    Well, I thought about CNA and was told by advisor it wasn't a requirement and may not make a big difference with my GPA. Then I talked to the nursingadvisor in November and she was like it would have been good if you had your CNA. I was like I thought it wasnt a big deal. She said my GPA is good so it will be ok. The first time I was with an advisor was like year and 1/2 before so maybe it was not as competitive then?
  3. by   BreatheFree
    That surprises me but I guess every adviser is different. When I met with one last year she told me I needed to get my cna to even be considered. She even handed me the info for WATC (however I am getting mine through Butler).
  4. by   That Guy
    I found it to my advantage to always check in with them and keep asking more and more questions. I have noticed that advisors change their story a lot of time, at least mine did. Said i needed this class, then I didnt, but then I did. I quickly changed advisors after that. Make them make sure they know you, in that good way though. I cannot see where they would say the CNA is not necessary since its a requirement where I go ( Fort Hays ) and you do a lot of CNA skills in clinicals.
  5. by   BreatheFree
    Thanks. I will probably check in with mine again when I register for fall classes.