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I just applied to Kaiser Permanente for Fall 09' ...anyone else?? Im scared!

Good luck with the process! I'm currently in the program for class of 2010. You'll love it, it's such a great program!

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Thanks for the encouragement! You are in the program with a friend of mine... he is awesome! The one that actually got me interested in Kaiser. Got any tips for me??

You can private message me and I'll for sure help you out any way I can...I'm interested to see who your friend is


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Just got my app. in and waiting!


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I have also applied to Kaiser to start in 09, I am hopeful but do realize that it is a long shot! Have you contacted them to ensure they have your file and it is complete. let me know.


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I to have applied to Kaiser 09 program. Any tips from you would be grately appreciated. Let me know.



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Do you know how to private message someone in this forum? Thank you.

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Hi, Do you mean Kaiser has an RN program? I would love to get info. How, where do I apply? I am currently applying at all of my local programs as well. If you have any info I would be so grateful. Thank you.:D


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Hi, I am looking into applying to CRNA programs in the Southern California area. Are there only two accredited programs (Kaiser and USC)? Also, what does your GPA have to realistically be to be considered for entry being that the programs are so competitive? Those who were accepted, what science, nursing and overall GPA did you have? I understand the minimum overall is 3.0. But, I think those few who are selected would probably have a lot higher?

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