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Good morning colleagues,

I am an RN with about 9 years experience. Currently I work at Kaiser near Seattle wa. The hubby and I are ready to move to a much sunnier place the summer of 2020, once our daughter graduates high school. We cannot take the grey and rain anymore.

Are there any Kaiser RN's that can give me some info on salary. I looked up the Kaiser rn contract in Colorado and am confused what type of level nurse I am. In WA our wages are dependent on years of experience. For example, because I have about 9 years of experience I am a step 9. We don't have "levels". Currently I am making 42.84 an hour.

I am confused about Colorado's terms of staff nurse I, staff nurse II and staff nurse III. I Don't have a bachelors degree yet but am obtaining one online. Does anyone know what my hourly wage would be based on my 9 years of Rn experience per rn union contract? Thanks everyone for your time!

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