Kaiser application


Hi everyone!

I've applied for Kaiser Permanente so many times, but I can't seem to get an interview recently. I was a travel nurse with one of their hospitals over 3 years ago. Almost a year ago, I did go to a group interview at a Kaiser hospital near my home, but I did not get any of the positions, even though We were told that there would be plenty of positions openings. After that I've applied several times, and I always get a rejection email the next day. It makes me wonder, did I get blacklisted? Is that even possible? I didn't do anything wrong. I don't think. I wasn't rude to anyone. I even applied saying that I was referred by a friend who used to work there, and it's teue that she used to work there. What should I do differently?

Specializes in Emergency, Trauma, Critical Care. Has 14 years experience.

I think they look for key phrases in resumes. If it doesn't have enough key words like techology, team work, etc. it automatically gets booted. I'd also look to get certifications in your specialty. If you say no to any one thing on the application where it asks about your experience it boots you, etc. most people unfortunately "know someone" to help get their resume considered. You also need to apply the first day it posts. They get tons of applicants for every position. Is it possible to get on as a traveler again and try to make nice with management? You'd need to talk to them about why you were never offered a position. Good luck!