Kahler disease??????

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did you ever hear about Kahler disease????

what's that? where can i find more info about it???


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From: http://www.whonamedit.com/synd.cfm/1595.html


Bozzolo's disease

Kahler's syndrome

Kahler-Bozzolo disease

Bence Jones' syndrome

Huppert's disease

Huppert's syndrome

MacIntyre's syndrome

Rustitskii's disease

von Rustitskii's syndrome


Haemic myeloma, lethargic encephalitis, lymphocytic myeloma, multiple myeloma, myeloid tumor, myelomatosis, myelomatosis pseudoleukaemia, myelopathic albuminuria, plasma cell myeloma syndrome, plasmocytic myeloma, plasmocytic sarcoma, plasmocytoma, multiple plasmacytoma syndrome, sarcomatous osteitis syndrome.

A fatal condition with occurrence of multiple malign tumours disease (multiple myeloma) in the bone marrow, causing disturbances of its function.

Main characteristics are asthenia, anorexia, weight loss, weakness; bone pains, usually at the back, less frequently chest and extremities, then at site of bone tumefactions; and spontaneous fractures. Usually, later hepatomegaly, seldom splenomegaly. Neurologic complications frequent. Onset rare before the age of 40, usually after age 50. Prevalent in males.

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Living with Myeloma:


Cared for many patients with this illness PM if more info needed.

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