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Justified? Selfish? What would YOU do?


I only have A&P lab and lecture once a week. I am the single mother of a 7 month old and a 3 year old. I am getting a 92 in the class.

My 8 month old has had the flu and wound up with an ear infection, and I was having trouble finding someone to babysit for class, and knew he would be inconsolable if I left him.

I emailed one of the girls in my class whom I know audio tapes the class and takes notes in powerpoint presentations about 4 hours before class to ask if I could get a copy of her audio if I were to miss lecture. She wrote back right away and said SURE! So i emailed the professor and stayed home with my sick kid.

She emails me again, about 20 minutes into class and tells me her recorder batteries have died. We have an exam next week covering this material.

So I scramble. Email the whole class to find someone else with an audio tape. no luck. Email her to ask if she would share her notes and get ... no response.

Think maybe I didn't really send a request to her, email her again ,... No response.

Send her a chat message asking if I could borrow her notes ... no response.

Am I out of line to ask her this? How would you feel if a classmate asked you??


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Maybe she was busy and couldn't get back to you right away.

Did you ask to borrow notes from anyone else in the class?

Considering its a pre-nursing class, I'm assuming anatomy?

A lot of professors teach more then one class. They're usually more then willing to let you sit in on one of their lectures at another time block. Although, if its friday, you may have been the last class covering that particular material.

There's nothing -wrong- with asking for notes/audio. But stop spazzing out about it. Once was enough, wait for her reply. Stop harassing her. The class isn't conspiring to sabotage your grade, at least...I don't think it is. But they very well may have other things going on and be unable to respond to you within minutes.


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We had a lot of single moms in our class but one stuck out the most. She was the one who always had "the emergency". Her son would get his head stuck in every orfice of her house or the dogs body and she would be in the ED all night so "could we take notes for her" or "tape lecture for her". It was always "just this once" and it got old. I am not accusing you of being this person. I am just asking if you have ever been this person before today and if you have this may be a problem and the reason you are not getting a response. If you are not this person then as everyone else was saying just relax because it was Friday and hopefully by today (Saturday) or Monday at the latest someone will have notes for you.