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Just wrote my exam on Friday and PASSED!!!!!

by Nicoluna Nicoluna (New) New

I used Uworld, kaplan Q bank and PDA book, Passed with 75 questions and 24SATA, no hotspot, no drop and drag, no peds, no maternity... just LOTS of priority, precaution questions... :S

I had good pop up, and got an email this morning from my board that i passed!!!!

I just wanted to say that Uworld really prepped me well for this exam, especially with it having the same layout, it just felt like I was doing Uworld questions.

I scored 53% on Uworld, 48-60s for Kaplan (avg around 53%). Make sure you go over all the questions, not just the ones you got wrong.

Also I read 35pages pdf that I found on allnurses 3 times.

I know how it's like to battle with Nclex but I'm sure you will all win it at the end!!!

Hope you all the best!