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Just wondering....

I was just wondering, how long does it take you to find a job as a rn after you get your license. I got my license 7/16/2006. Here's my story.............. I graduated 2005. I worked under a temporary license for 2 months. I sat for the NCLEX 08/2005 and didn't pass. I informed the hospital I was working for and informed them that I wanted to take the necessary time to study for the exam without working. One year later I pass the NCLEX. I was so happy. I thought that the day would never come. Now I have my permanent nursing license. I have applied for numerous positions.

I have had 2 interviews. I thought the interviews went great. Both employers I interviewed with, spoke as if i had the position. The first employer told me she had to look and see with shifts she had available and to call back by friday if I haven't heard anything back from her. I have called and called yet I haven't heard anything. It's been a month. The second interview hasn't been that long. It has been right at a week today. I have another interview in September. I hope that one goes good and they offer me a position. I called the temp service for nurses and was told that they require 2 years experience.

Right before sitting for the test, I signed up with a temp agency. I am currently working a mail order pharmaceutical company during data entry which pays $11/hour.

:( I don't know what to do. I would like to find a job close to my house but right now I am just wanting to get some experience. I feel like I am an undesirable employee. When will i find a job? I need a job. I am trying to keep the faith but it is getting hard.

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Hi and welcome. Since you are essentially a new grad - have you applied for new grad internships?

I thought I could not get a new grad internship because I got my temp license and worked under the temp license.


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Hello, I just happened to stumble onto you message, but I dont know ho desprite they are for nurses in Al but in AZ they would hire a new grad 4-5 months before there even done with school. I, not sure how the cost of living is out there but it probley higher here but the starting pay is $24.00 for a new grade to start. They would higher a new grad in a heart beat. Just thought I would let you know, Paul.

There should be a training program at one of the hospitals in town, since you only worked with a temp license for a max of 90 days..You should still be considered a new grad. Have you looked into anything at UAB? I believe they have several types of training programs. What area of nursing are you wanting to go into?? I love peds, have you applied at Childrens? I hear they are top notch.

Good luck to you, the perfect job will come along and find you, that's what happened to me. I thought I always wanted to work Cath Lab, did the interview and never heard back. I went for the Peds interview the next day and was hired on the spot...haven't looked back since.

Update, I got a job. I am currently attending orientation. I am so excited. I was hired to work on a post op med surg floor. Will be glad to actually do patient care.

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