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Well I just turned 25 the other day and currently and LPN in Florida. When I was 18 I was charged with a felony possession of marijuana and misdemeanor resisting arrest without violence. They offered me a diversion program eventually the possession charge was dropped and the resisting arrest charge I received an adjucation withheld. This all happened while I was in nursing school man I remember the pressure and stress I was under the prayer the bargening with God all well long story short i was about to test and received my license with any issues. I've been practicing as a nurse for the past 5 years or so. But just last year I started RN transition which I'm currently in the program now. But unfortunately I received a misdemeanor domestic violence charge ( no explaintion needed it's a lie period) disgruntled ex bitter over break up. And felony possession of a fake id. Very stupid of me huh. Given the stress and pressure I dealt with when I was 18. Well I'm thinking about dropping out feeling discourage and defeated things are still pending and perhaps there might be hope but it's looking like I'm done with the career field over stupidity. All I can say to any young nurse don't end up like me. You have a career in your hands don't put yourself in situations that can result in ruining your future. Protect that license !! ������

I hope things turned around for you update on your situation 

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The OPs last activity on here was June of 2018. They are long gone. But it would be nice to hear back how it went

Everything worked out. 

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