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just want to be uplifted for NCLEX

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I'm just a new member here..I decided to join coz i thought i'l be needing some advise from good nurses here..I found this website when i was still in nursing school in the Philippines and passed the board exam there a year ago and now im here in california. I passed my application to bvnpt a week ago and just received the postcard verifying that they received my application,.now i know it takes like 4 months to have them look at my credentials and etc. I also passed my application to the board of nursing in vermont and hopefully i'l hear from them soon.. My friend who passed the application at the same time as me,shes been approved and now can register in pearsonvue..im wondering what makes mine take longer:unsure: i used my maiden name when i applied to cgfns coz all my credentials are in my maiden name but when i get here in the US i am using my married name to my applications..I dont know when I can take the NCLEX exam yet but im doing a little bit of studying. I felt like i have to learn again..It seems like i have forgotten what ive learned from school..but in Gods time I know that I will become a US RN!!!! :yes:

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