Just took Nclex, Board says licensed cancelled


I just took my nclex last wednesday. I have my interim permit and that shows up on the CA breeze website. I am getting the "good" message from pearson vue, but now when I look on breeze it says my interim is valid, but my RN is cancelled. Any idea what that means? Thanks!


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So you take the NCLEX and around the same time, your status changed so we can assume it had something to do with your results. Do not worry! If you failed the test, it would cancel your interim permit. When you pass the NCLEX, it does not "cancel" your RN, as you were not an RN before, it simply closes your intial application because it is comeplete! You should have your license post shortly and congrats!!

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Once your IP is cancelled, you'll probably see your RN license numbers appear within the hour. That's what should be focused on. Watch your IP status. Once it goes to "canceled" you'll likely see some "better" numbers show up soon... It happens kind of fast, so you might not even see the IP be canceled without an RN license being issued.

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Please help... I saw this post and wanted to inquire further... I took NCLEX yesterday (I'm in California) and already have an interim permit. I just checked the California BRN website, it looks like there is a start of an update regarding my NCLEX/RN status (my situation is identical to what is described above). My name appears twice on the website, a new line item stating Registered Nurse and for Interim Permit (which has been there). When I click on the new line item for RN and the "?" to obtain more information; it says cancelled and there is no license number listed.. Has this happened to others? Do you think they are still updating or did I fail NCLEX?

Thanks so much for any input from those with permits and/or in California.


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I got a new line with RN - with no license number but my IP is still valid?

do you know what this means?


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I am in the same boat right now!

what was your outcome?

This happened to me. The day after I took the NCLEX (2/19/15) the breeze site issued me an RN license number which said active and less then 24 hours later it said cancelled. A week went by with me obsessively checking the breeze site because I didn't understand what was going on. Did I fail NCLEX? I called the board several times to get a loop of answering machines. Finally, I reached a human and she said there was a "glitch" in the system! I did pass NCLEX and a legit license will be sent next week. I am grateful to sites like this because it's people who shared their similar stories, who gave me hope I passed. Thanks guys.


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I am glad I came across your post. I took the nclex yesterday and today I saw that a new line was added to breeze saying "Registered Nurse" but it says cancelled and my IP says valid. I was freaking out thinking that maybe they thought I passed and when they realized I didn't passed they cancelled my license LOL!!! But reading your post I see that this is not the case, and since BRN is close until monday there is no way to contact them and the waiting was probably going to kill me. But thank you so much for your clarification!!! So that means I passed right? LOL So is just their system that is crazy???LOL

I really hope so LOL

Congratulations to you!!!!

*What about everyone else? did everyone got their license issue fixed?


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So, did they eventually update your status to Active and issue you a license number? anyone else pass nclex RN that was in this situation? Because I just took my test on monday and im stressing out because my name appears in the exact same way.


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just wondering this this mean you passed nclex rn?


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Did your rn application disappear?


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Hi there I took the boards two weeks ago I have two line but both say IP and are current does anyone know what that means. Please help..