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Just Starting Out...

by AKG219 AKG219 (New) New

Ok, so I am just now starting my pre-nursing classes and currently in a Human Biology class (an intro to Anatomy and Physiology) I am due to sign up for next semester and cannot decide between Anatomy or Physiology. I've been told to take Anatomy first, but my only concern is that the only teacher (every single person I talk to tells me NOT to take him, not just because he tough but he's rude, he picks on students that are not doing well and does not have office hours to help his students) he is the only teacher teaching Anatomy next semester. So I thought since I am taking Human Bio class now that I should be ok taking Physiology first right?


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Really, either way is fine. You'll have less to review for the second class, whichever it is, but you won't be set back by taking one over the other. I did physio first and it was fine.

It depends on your school. At my school, you have to take anatomy first because it is assumed that you already have anatomical knowledge in our physiology class. Other schools may teach physiology in a way that it could be understood by people who haven't had anatomy yet. If your school will let you take physio without having anatomy first, then it should be fine.