Just starting out...getting AS at cc to transfer for BSN

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Hey guys! I've been reading the boards for a while now and find it so helpful as I start getting ready for my first semester :)

I'm planning on getting my associates at the local community college and then transferring hopefully to either UNC or ECU. Looking at the required courses for the associates of science degree and comparing them to the required courses for a transfer student at one of the state colleges is not adding up. The courses are different and I'm kind of confused as to how to complete both...should I forget about getting the AS degree and just make sure I have all my required transfer courses or what?

I do do plan to talk with the admissions folks at all colleges, but thought I'd ask here first in case there's something Obvious I'm missing (probably haha).

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My ADN program has different pre-reqs (just slightly) to most RN-BSN programs around here. What most students are doing is taking the necessary BSN pre-reqs during the summers, when we have a break from the nursing program.


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It will be necessary for you to have all the required BSN pre-reqs completed for the program to even consider your application.. The actual AS degree is unnecessary.

If I were in your shoes - I would see exactly how many extra courses I would have to take between completing the actual pre-reqs and getting an AS degree and then determine if the extra course, time, and $$ would be worth it to me.

Best of luck.