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I had my very first 5-hour long CNA class last night. My instructor spent 95% of those hours explaining a detailed chronology of her life. The only half-relevant thing that was said was that "taking notes is usually a good thing". :doh:

I'm sure hoping the second class (tonight) is better! Skimming through the text book is sure having me nervous, though; photos of enema procedures and toileting skills has me both grossed out and anxious! :barf01:

What were your experiences like in CNA school, and how long did it take for you to overcome the initial squeamishness of the job!




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I am just finishing up in my CNA class...the first two days were sooooo boring. But we started skills the end of that first week. The class was interesting to me....I learned alot. The toileting skills are pretty gross....wait till you learn perineal care! We didn't learn enemas, but other skills we did were oral/denture care, making beds, feeding, nail care, changing urinary bags and other fun stuff!! We did our clinicals in a nursing home, and was somewhat scary for me....just because that was the first time I had stepped into a nursing home. At first, I didn't want to touch the residents, but after getting to know them...alot of the residents were really sweet. Our lesson on Alzhemeir's Disease was informative because you would then go the nursing home and understand why some of the residents acted the way they did. Overall, being a CNA is a great introduction into the nursing field. I don't know how long it will take me to get over having to clean up poop....but knowing I will make a difference in a person's life is very rewarding. Good luck to you::

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