Just shadowed a crna....oh, my.....

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It way kind of like the time I saw a shark while surfing.

One of the scarriest feelings yet, the most alive I have felt.

I now see the scope of practice crna's work in and am very humbled. One Srna told me it is no longer nursing. How true.

What I witness was beyond any RN scope of practice 10 fold. The CRNA I shadowed was so calm, so confident in what appeared to be a difficult case. Big props to all CRNA's and SRNA's what a cool job! This was my first post. Just wanted to pass me excitement along to other Wannabee's. Chip


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Welcome, Now we just have to change your catagory to Gonnabe's with the rest of us. lol. Glad to hear you had a great experience as a shadow. That's what made me decide to go back to school and persue CRNA. :)


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That sounds so exciting...shadowing a CRNA. How did you go about doing that? Did you just ask the anesthesia dept in the hospital or did you know this person?

Questions for everyone:

I am currently working on my BSN (only 2 semesters in) and would really like to do this. I am fascinated with this profession and would love to be able to watch what they do. Is it to early in my schooling to shadow someone? In addition, would shadowing look good on future graduate applications?




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Chip...please give us some more info on what the day was like! I have looked all over the internet for a perwonal page or something, but I didn't see anything. I guess I will have to shadow too when I start working.

rn2be2006...I am also in a BSN program, but you are already ahead of me...I start my first semester next month. Have you taken chemistry in your first year or second year?


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It's never too early to shadow a CRNA. Go to the Anesthesia dept. and tell them you are interested in anesthesia and would like to shadow a CRNA...usually not a problem.

Dreamon, there is a link on this board somewhere called, I think, "A day in the life" and has a video stream of a CRNA describing his work life. I will try and find the link and let you know.


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dreanon, here it is:


Click on "Nurse Anesthesia". I hope this helps.


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It's terrific that you were excited by the job shadowing experience! CRNA practice is challenging, dynamic, intellectually stimulating, and a whole lot of fun for the vast majority of providers.

The SRNA, though, misspoke. It IS nursing. Admittedly, the actual role is not like that of a bedside nurse. However, your nursing experience brings a unique and valuable approach to patient management during the anesthetic process. Don't relinquish that advantage! You will clean up patients (and their body fluids), rush to take care of paperwork, mollify periop nurses, appease surgeons and their busy schedules, hold your urine until the popping point, and experience the general hassle of modern hospital life. Sure sounds like nursing to me!

And if it isn't nursing, then what is it? Please don't say "medicine"!

Best of luck reaching your new goal!

Qwiigley, CRNA

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I went ot the video, as a SRNA, I can tell you that it is pretty good and informative.

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