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Just registered for classes BMCC



I know it's been a while. I finally start my classes next week at BMCC. I was wondering if anyone has taken 2 classes per semester. I am taking Mat 104 and Anat PhsyII this semester then Microbiology and Dev. Psych in the fall. Will I be able to apply for the Nursing program for Jan 2010 (spring)? Has anyone done this? Has anyone taken Howard Bullard for Mat 104? The Mat 104 online class is full can't get in. Is he good? I am going to classes in the evening. I really want to start the Nursing Program in Next Spring. I don't want to take my last two courses at the same time as the Nursing Program classes.

Thank you all.


I'm also registering for BMCC and plan to take classes starting in the summer. It's a bummer that the MAT 104 online class is full and you weren't able to register for it. From reading these boards it appears that many do take MAT 104 online - I didn't even think it was possible (I'm not too good at math). I do plan to also try MAT 104 if I get lucky enough to register for it. When did you register, I suppose if you register early you have the best possible chance to get the classes you want.

Not sure about the professor you mentioned but check out ratemyprofessor.com if you type in the professor's name along with the college some info. might come up about that professor, how he teaches, level of difficulty and so on.

Good luck and please post about your experience with starting the pre-reqs once you get started.

-Best Wishes and Good Luck!:yeah:

Hey Myleena,

I just registered for Mat104 for this Spring class and the only slot available was MW 8a-9:40a. I do have to check if I can ask Admissions to remove my Eng101 transferred credit as I got B in that. I want to retake it and hopefully get an A. As far as your question, I heard that if you already finished all other preclinical req's such as Eng101, Psy100, and A&P1 and just need to take Mat104 in the fall, you can already apply by fall to get into the program by Spring 2010. Why not try to apply in the fall even though you still have to take Mat104?



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