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Just a ponder


Specializes in Long term care. Has 20 years experience.

We have mangaged to get our mentally ill and our developmentally delayed citizens out of institutions and into places that are more like "homes".

I wonder why we haven't been able to do that for our fragile seniors?

Yes, there are assisted living facilities, but it most often cost more $$ and out of pocket spending to essentially provide the same living experience as in a nursing home, only it's prettier in the assisted living.

Granted, some nursing homes are better than others, I happen to work in a really good one but, it is STILL obviously an institution.

...just sayin... :specs:

Most nursing homes are going to that model. The one where I worked was big into culture change, however, they were trying to do too much at one time and with staff who weren't buying into it. I think that's part of the issue, too, is staff buy in.