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Just wanted to post some thoughts on the AANP FNP exam. I passed today!!!

I searched the internet, as you are doing now, for tips and pointers and thought I'd share my experience.

I thought it was a difficult exam. If you haven't prepared properly, take your time and get it done. I utilized the Hollier review disks from 2015 for the past 2 years while driving around. She is great. I reccomend using any of her online/live review material. I purchased the MyQbank questions and did about 600 or so. (wanted to do many more, ran out of time) I also rented the Leik review book, which several people recommend, and I'm so glad I did. It is very straightforward and has a ton of great exam and clinical tips.

I wish I remembered more specific content from the exam, but I do remember a ton of geriatric/ "older adult" questions as well as a lot of lady partsl conditions and adolescent conditions.

Oh yeah, I also relied on a lot of PRAYING & DEEP BREATHING. lol

Dont be afraid to take a bathroom break halfway, or whenever you need to. It gave me a couple minutes to rest my eyes. The computer screen was very bright and I'm not normally bothered by that. But, of course that is situational.

I hope this helps. You can do it!

Congrats! Is the exam similar to NCLEX where if you get one wrong, it will give you more questions in the topic that you got it wrong in? Is it similar to that of NCLEX where it can shut off at a certain number (75) if you're doing very good or very bad, or take you up to the 300's if they're not convinced?

I have registered to sit for my ANCC soon. To my understanding and from what I have heard from fellow classmates and practicing NPs that the test is not like the NCLEX. You must answer all questions because any question left blank will automatically be counted as a "0". The test does not stop a set number of questions answered correctly or incorrectly. The ANCC has 200 questions (only 175 questions graded-more nonclinical questions) and the AANP has 150 questions (135 questions graded-majority clinical questions). I found some great information about the differences between the exams, test tips, review strategies, and test questions in my Family Nurse Practitioner Certification Intensive Review book by Maria T. Codina Leik. I hope that helps answer your question. Good luck.


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