Just been offered an OR position as a new grad


I just graduated nursing school in May and got an offer to work in the OR starting in 2 weeks. I didn't accept the offer yet because I wasn't sure if it was a normal thing to negotiate with the salary as a new grad without any experience and/or to ask for reimbursement for toll fees that I must pay to get to work everyday. I know with other jobs it is wise to negotiate a little with the first offer they make...but I had a feeling that it might not be the case with nursing as an inexperience new grad.


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first off congrats.

You can try to negotiate, however most hospitals start new grads at a standard rate but you can try. As far as the toll goes; unless your hospital has some program/policy for all staff its very unlikely you will get money for those types of expenses.

but go for it and let us know how it goes.


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Well I accepted the job today.

I talked to several of my friends and one being a nurse recommended not to negotiate with the salary since all the hospitals around this area is offering about the same amount for new grads.

The hospital does not reimburse for toll fees but I was told that EZ pass has commuters discounts~!! So I only pay $20 for 50 trips as appose to $100 for 50 trips, which would save a lot of money!!

I'm so excited to start my training in 2 weeks~!! YAY~!!!:yeah:


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I'm a new grad and will be starting in two weeks. It's very exciting and scary at the same time. How long is your training program?


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New here at this forum... but been browsing for a long time since i was student..

anyway, got my first job as an OR nurse... and cross-trained as a DR-PACU nurse since it is just one complex.. so now after a year, its either im @ the OR, DR, or PACU ... i can say its been a good field so far, it has its pros and cons just like any other jobs..

congrats! happy scrubbing! :yeah:


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If you're looking for a few extra bucks to get yourself on your feet after school, try calling HR and ask if they have any tuition reimbursement plans. When my wife went to nursing school she signed a contract with the hosp. The hosp. paid 80% of tuition and she agreed to work for 2 years there. They may not advertise the option when posting the job but it never hurts to try. You won't be totally locked in. My wife hated that hospital so she left, broke the contract and we are paying off the 80% loan.

Hope you find a few extra :twocents:



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I'm a new grad and I just accepted a job as an OR nurse to start on July 7! I'm so excited! I know I will love the job and the hours aren't bad either!


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I'm a new grad and I just accepted a job as an OR nurse to start on July 7! I'm so excited! I know I will love the job and the hours aren't bad either!

Congrats on your job!! I'm a new grad and accepted a position in the OR as well, I also start July 7th!! I'm a little scared because I have little knowledge of the OR, mainly because I wanted to work OB and did my 200 preceptor hours in L&D, but there were no day shifts available, OR was my second choice, and I think I'm gonna love it!! Good luck to you!


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