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Just got job as a private duty nurse, don't know what to expect...

by Jo Dirt Jo Dirt (Member)

Has 9 years experience.

I was hired by phone today to work as a private duty nurse for an agency based in Mississippi (I'm in Tennessee). I will be sitting with an elderly lady from 7pm-7am two days a week (though right now it is only four days a month).

The pay is pretty good for around here (I make $4.00 per hour more than at the nursing home).

Thing that makes me wonder, the agency that has tentatively hired me never asked for a work history. I did fax some forms to them to do a background check but they never asked how long I had been a nurse or where I worked even...coincidentally, when I was going through an orientation today I recognized a couple of nurse's names on the schedule, one of which I know was fired at the nursing home where I work for being a no call no show:rolleyes:

Has anyone ever done private duty nursing that can share any knowledge with me? The lady who hired me over the phone was very nice and told me that she knew how very hard it would be to stay up all night and that I could bring books or crafts or whatever to help me stay awake. I would like to look into getting a lap top computer to take along with me to work so I can surf the internet, if it isn't too expensive.

It is odd, yes, that they didn't look more into your work history.

Sounds like they had an opening that they needed filled asap.

If you are just sitting with the lady, it should be okay. If you have any questions, call them and ask, maybe it will ease your mind.

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