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Just got my green card...what now

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Hi there,

Well its official. I just got my green card and I'm moving to New York. I'm a registered nurse. British born and trained in Finland. I wonder if anyone out there has had experience transitioning from Europe to the US as an RN. Specifically, do I need to do the credential verification-nclex-state boards in that order, or at all. I read somewhere online that I need only take the state board for New York if I am a permanent resident. Anyone have more of a clue than me? Any advice or direction would be very much appreciated.

Overly anxious,


JustBeachyNurse, RN

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No. You need to do the CVS, ( takes about 6-8 months) then apply to the NY board for licensing by examination as an internationally educated nurse, once authorized register and pass the NCLEX-RN. . Even a US citizen who completed their nursing education overseas has to follow the same process. Good luck

Silverdragon102, BSN

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good luck on your move. Regardless on having PR or even citizenship if you trained outside the US then you will always be classed as International trained and therefore usually have to meet the state requirements for International trained

Thanks for the answers guys.

I have actually completed the CES. Of course it has expired since I started the process in 2011. They told me at the end that I was missing a 12 hours of microbiology and rejected my application. Should I re-apply and hope I have found a one credit course in microbiology there in New York? Do I have to collect all of those documents again? It was a very expensive project last time. Has anyone had this experience?

Silverdragon102, BSN

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CGFNS should be able to use the documents supplied for CES but really need to check with them first. CVS actually requires CGFNS to collect all required documents