Just an FYI for KY Lpn to Rn distance learners...


Just wanted to share some info for KY Excelsior students...i just found this out myself...

No matter if you endorse in or get KY RN licensure by examination you MUST complete 120 hrs of internship first. Didn't see this on here and wasnt' sure if you all knew or not...so thought i'd post for you...

"If you are a LPN and are a new graduate from a RN program of nursing, you must do the internship as a Registered Nurse Applicant" - from their website and what was told to me when i called the BON.


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Thanks for the info. Sure someone will find it helpful.

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woops sorry...yes it is...i forgot that part because i had already been an LPN in another state for two years before endorsing in! =)