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Just finished the TEAS exam

Had my exam on Wednesday, went from 10:30am until around 1pm and scored a 91.3, so I am extremely happy with that. Any questions I will be glad to answer

congrats!! that's an awesome score!

What things helped you the most when preparing for the exam?

And was this your first time taking it?

Thank you. Yes, first time taking the exam. I studied the day after my last final of the fall semester until the day of the exam, so from Dec 13th until January 11th. I would study for 3-4 hours a day, usually at work as my job allows me time. The last 10 days I upped it to 5 hours and practice test upon practice test. I used the ATI TEAS Secrets book by Mometrix, as well as the ATI Flashcards also by Mometrix. I liked the book a good amount, it broke down every section, a lot more than the ATI book, especially the science section. The book also came with 3 practice tests. Additionally, I ordered the 3 practice exam book on Amazon, I found all sections were similar to Mometrix, but that book just only came with the practice exams, and also like Mometrix broke down what the right answer was.

Now I found the Science section of the practice tests a lot easier than the actual exam, but the Reading, Math and English sections were about the same. I also timed myself during every exam, and I will say I took a lot longer on the real exam than the practice, as the reading sections are a little longer on the real exam.

Now as for the actual exam. For each section

Reading : Nothing on the reading section caught me by surprise

Math: I was surprised that I studied all the area and perimeter formula's of shapes were for nothing, I believe only the square area was asked. Math was very similar to the practice exams.

English: I found this section to be slightly easier than the practice exams, as there were only one or two "pick out the misspelled word", but they were very easy to pick out compared. Subject Verb was on a few questions

Science: I thought this section was a lot harder on the real exam than the practice exams. A lot more A&P, but way more in depth, as Q's ranged from osteoclasts, and osteoblasts to a lot about genetics, and fertility. Only 1 or 2 chemistry questions were on there as well.

Congrats ! do you mind sharing your score difference between the practice test and the real one. I just took my practice B and got an 88 this is after a month of studying since the first time I took it which I get a 79 in.

I ended up getting in the high 80's on almost all the practice exams. The very first practice exam I took right after my last final of the Fall semester, just to see where I was, and what I needed to focus on, especially since it had been a good 6+ months without A&P. I ended up scoring an 81 on the first practice exam. The last practice exam I scored an 89, as the English section was always my lowest section..

Thank you so much for the feedback. I've been getting in the upper 70s in the English section what if any do you think was not stressed in the TEAS manual, that you think I should look into reviewing in depth ? Thank you

I can't comment about the actual ATI Teas manual as I did not use it. I used a few things by Mometrix, as I found their sections to be more in depth as I briefly flipped through the ATI Manual in my schools library. So basing your question off the study material I used, I would have to say the science section of the real exam was far more in depth than the practice exams and even review sections. 32 of the science questions are on A&P, and its mostly Physiology, rather than actual Anatomy. Know about genetics, know about fertilization as there were a few questions on that. Know about the endocrine, digestive and nervous systems as I felt there were more questions about those particular systems. There was a specific question about the gas exchange in the alveoli, but I can't recall the specific part of it.

Thank you so much for the feedback ! I'll most definitely put in extra time for those systems :)

Congrats! Thank you for your input. I take the exam on Feb 24th. I purchased the TEAS 6 ATI study guide and 2 practice exams. A & B

Congrats !! Im taking it on feb. Were the questions similar to the practice and manuel questions? Is there anything you can recommend ?

Im scared for the math part cause its not my best subject.

I am pretty bad at Math, had not had a Math course since 10th grade, even through my first degree in Culinary. However, I took basic college Algebra in the Fall specifically for this exam. I missed 2 questions on the Math portion of the exam, so if you know basic Algebra you should be fine, and the practice exams helped a lot.

I would say the questions on the reading part were very similar, except there were more stories, and longer stories on the real exam. Same amount of questions, but not as many questions for each story. Math was pretty similar, except I only had one question on geometry, it was area of a square kinda deal. English was also very similar, except the misspelled words. I think there were 2 or 3 on the real exam, but the way they had arranged them vs. the practice exam was easier on the real exam. Science was similar, but more in depth on the questions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply ! I really hope I do good ! I'm also going to by the practice exams A and B

Hi, today is January 22, and I am registered to take the test on January 31. That leaves me about 7 days (upon receipt of study guides). Since I only have a week, which study guide do you recommend from your list above? Should I buy the Mometrix ATI Teas Secrets book and one of the exams? I will not be able to/have time for all of the study material you suggested.

Thank you so much

The Mometrix ATI secrets comes with 3 practice exams, and yes I found it to be enough, as well as looking at youtube videos for an A&P refresher


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