Just curious re: ? anywhere with more nurses than jobs?

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Is there *anywhere* that has more nurses than jobs? All I see in my own work is too few nurses and too few applications for openings and constant openings available.

(I'm from Texas if anyone is looking for work!) And from the reading, it seems like that everywhere. I'm not being facetious, just curious.


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I live in Western Pa. While the health care labor market is tight here, the shortage of nurses is not nearly as sever as in other places. There are two reasons for this, NUMBER ONE is the fact that we have an abundance of nursing schools. NUMBER TWO is the fact that we are expericing a spate of hospital closing, five in the last three months. There is a community hospital near me that is experincing more positions opening up than usual, however it is in the middle of a very large middle class community which has a large nurse population. They say are filling those positions almost as quickly as they open up. I recently went there for an interview and when I protested the low wages that is what I was told.


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I can back Oramar up on her statements... The Pittsburgh area does have a tight healthcare labor force and additionally the county of Allegheny has the oldest per capita in the U.S. yet nursing salaries around Pittsburgh are poor and jobs are not easy to find. Because as Oramar stated, there is an over-abundance of hospitals as well as nurses. She is also correct by mentioning that hospitals in this area are closing...

Anyone else live in a place where they are closing hospitals at the same time that the average age of the population increases?

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