Just appear for hesi test yesterda

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I was really confident to score more than 80% in all section; but scored only 70% in reading & grammar :( Really disappointed with the score & info received about the reading. Reading passage was random ; none related to medical scenario :( A&P many questions from body locations & basic questions. Math was basic & more ratio & word problems. Scored 86 in math & 84 in science. Need to retake grammar & reading as I need 75% minimum to apply

:( Best of luck to all those who are giving this test. Best suggestion just relax so u can read the questions properly :)

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Look on the bright side: you did awesome on Math and Science! What scores did you need in those to apply? 75%? The upside to this is that now you can focus all your studying on reading/vocab/grammar and you should knock it out of the park!


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When can you retake it? I'm sure you will do great next time!


Thank u so much for those motivational words :) I am trying to manage my time for the test prep:) let's hope for the best.

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