Just accepted my first contract!


I just accepted my first contract! I'm so nervous and excited! I'm going through Intelistaf (got a great referral from a girl who is on contract in the hospital I work now)... and am going to Gig Harbor, WA for 13 weeks to work in a brand new hospital that's opening there. St. Anthony's is the name... I'll be in ICU.

Any tips/advice for me?



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Congrats! I'm about half way through my first assignment in CO. Just like any other experience, it's what you make of it. I'm definitely glad I did this. It's such a great social experiment to throw yourself in a completely new situation in a new place and sort things out. I don't know if you're traveling alone or not but I find I'm friends here with very similar people that I hung around in SC. Like you find people to fill the empty spots, if that makes since. As for the hospital. I came from a big teaching university to a smaller private hospital. That's been a big change. I think the hardest thing to do is to keep my mouth shut about trivial things. We all have our way of doing things and even if it's a little better and easier sometimes you just have to go with the flow. It's easier to just be as helpful and available as possible without stirring the pot. On the negative side, I don't really like not having ownership in the hospital or staff. I realize that's why most people travel, but you really see people's true colors. They don't have any reason to invest in you because you'll be gone in a few weeks, so you really see people's true colors. Just stay open minded about things that bother some, like getting floated a lot. You have to look at it as just another experience and take advantage of the opportunity to improve your skills. The learning curve was pretty steep at first but that's what makes it exciting. People are mostly the same, if you enjoyed your job back home you're likely to enjoy your job traveling, if you were miserable and complained all the time that's what you'll do here. Keep a positive attitude and speak up if you need help or don't understand something. I found my reception improved when the regular staff realized I was about doing a good job and helping everyone out, some people have a little animosity towards travelers because whether you are or not, they perceive that you are making boat loads more money than them. So just stay positive and take advantage of a great experience that most jobs and people don't get. Have Fun!!!! Brandon


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I would love to hear some feedback about what your experience was like at St. Anthony's. I may be moving to Gig Harbor and am wondering what it is like to work at the hospital there? Thank you so much in advance!


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Take advantage of your days off...do lot's of getting out and about! Take a camera...start a photo journal of your experience! Share it with your friends back home! Be a sponge...it's such a great opportunity to learn 'other ways' to do the same old thing. With yours being a new facility, expect to find lots of mini obstacles, speed bumps, and disconnects...and staff frustration. It's nice when you have 'all new' equipment and such, but often times there is a lot of frustration when no one knows where everything goes...how everything works...and why! It's like doing 'go-live' assignments...when everyone is trying to learn a new computer system. Whew! Personalities on parade!

Hope I didn't sound like a buzz kill, but just make sure you make the most out of your time away from the hospital...and do your best while your there.

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