June 2018 test takers? Please please advice, ty

Nursing Students NCLEX


Hello everyone, took my NCLEX just this past Saturday, in CA, on 6/30/18, ended at 88 questions, I had a good feeling that I passed exam, however, my name is still not on the website.

I also made a stupid move by literally doing the PVT right after I took the exam, only to learn later on that I was suppose to wait 24 hours, my cc was charged, however, I do remember seeing this red triangle, I'm literally like 99.9% sure of that:

Google Image Result for http://caring4you.net/images/hold1.jpg

^If you've already taken a look the picture, then you see how there is still a submit button underneath, I kept on clicking on it even after seeing the caution on top that says how you already have an open registration in process...stupid me, I know

I do see below, under the processing timeframe for the NCLEX RN results that they're already processing for July 1-15, 2018, so that's what I'm kinda bumped about, since my exam date ws June 30, 2018.

Processing Times

Does any of you have any similar experience? If so, please please share.

I know I took it on Sat, which was the wknd, and on top of that, yesterday 7/4/18 was just an holiday aswell, but a majority of you would know what I'm going through, any advice and/or tips would be highly appreciated.

Did you get your results yet? I tested July 6th still waiting for my results.. here in CA as well

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