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June School Finder - AllCRNAschools.com

Hey - did anyone who purchased the CRNA schools spreadsheet notice that the link doesn't work for the June school finder spreadsheet?? I tried contacting --------------------- but she never replied.  This is from the site allcrnaschools.com.  I'm not sure if this is down permanently or not.

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brookalyn specializes in MICU/SICU.

Having the same issue!! I emailed her back as well, and nothing... I thought it was just me. LOL

She's been pretty consistent with the updates - the last one was the March one I think - do you got that one? I'm not sure if the website is down or what but she's not replying anymore.  I know she has had family health concerns.

brookalyn specializes in MICU/SICU.

I did get the March one. I was thinking it probably has something to do with her family too.
If you are looking for more resources for CRNA programs, I highly recommend joining the facebook group "ICU Dreaming About Anesthesia". It has a ton of resources on applying, interviews, schools, etc. It's a great place to ask questions too. 


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