July test takers!


Good morning everyone! I have read in my NCSBN review to have a virtual friends to study with, share my anxieties and boost confidence. That is better than posting it in social media or telling your friends, right?

I graduate 2006 and pass the Philippine board on the same year. worked as a company in a corporate company then applied to Saudi Arabia and worked there for 6 years ( we were also obliged to have Saudi Council exam then I passed that too). I arrived here in US last year and processed my CGFNS and BON application which takes forever. I took IELTS and pass it by March this year then I started reading a second hand Saunders 3rd edition due to lack of budget. I may want to review in Kaplan but I dont have enough for that. Last Friday, I finally got my ATT and enroll NCSBN for 3 weeks and tried 4 days ago. NCSBN is a very informative review material yet overwhelming. I didn't understand everything actually. my pretest is 45% which is so disappointing but all my interactive quiz is 100 because that's only True or False. Most of my post test is 45-65% and I got one with 85%. I feel depressed all of a sudden. I have been hearing good words that Uworld is a good material too. If anyone with a good heart to share the same positive energy here. I know its been 10 years! ( Dont tell me I need remedial class because I will never do that.)

I scheduled my exam on July 30. Do you think its too early for me or Ill just reschedule it?