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Hi! I'm currently a student about to graduate from a well known public university, but not with a degree in nursing. Rather, I'm planning on going to nursing school at night once I graduate with my B.S. and I have a few questions about doing so. First, I plan on using my degree to become a teacher for a few years in order to put myself through nursing school and I was wondering how that would work out, having a full-time job, but still having to do clinicals for school. So if there's any of you out there who have put yourself through nursing school while having a 40 hour a week job, I'd love to hear from you. Secondly, since I'll only have a 2 year degree in nursing, but will also have a bachelor's, what are my options for advancement? Will I be considered for promotions without going back to school? I appreciate any and all advice ya'll have for me! Thanks so much!

I teach in an evening program, it is certainly doable. I have had many teachers too and their schedule is most accommodating to an evening program.

It not easy but if it what you desire you will do well.

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I know several people who worked a 40 hour week while in nursing school. It is doable, but I think they found it so because they were working in hospitals, and therefore able to be flexible with their schedules (12-hour shifts, working every weekend, etc.)

Depending on what your bachelor's degree is in, it may make you more marketable for promotion, or it may not. I have a bachelor's in food service management, which does absolutely nothing for me... but with teaching experience, you would be able to apply that to patient education, staff development, etc. I think you can make it work! ;)

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I'm working 40 hours nights and I will make it doable .. right now I am doing the pre-req's but once I get into the nursing program I'll be doing the nights or weekend progran for my ASN.

I do know from family experience that as long as you are pursuing the degree you will still be considered for the promotion. My Aunt has 3 degrees... teaching, nursing and I forgot the other one. :twocents:

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